The Streaming Service Debate – Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and more!

The Streaming Service Debate – Amazon Vs Hulu And More

Are you ready to cut the cord? There’s no denying that streaming TV is the way of the future, with just about every device we own capable of getting instant access to the best TV shows and movies with the touch of a finger and on demand.

The streaming services now available must be innovative and fresh in order to stay ahead of the game, and with some top players like Amazon, Netflix and Hulu, people need to weigh which is more beneficial to subscribe to.

We’ve taken a look at the top services to find out which is best... Netflix, Hulu, Amazon or another. By comparing all that they have to offer on price, availability, content, and extra features, you’ll be able to find one that’s best for you.

Hulu Plus Live TV

Hulu is a streaming services that gives you access to live TV and allows you to pause and rewind it as you wish. This means you get the best of both worlds with access to streaming services but also regular television, too. The service also provides access to a cloud DVR and the option to fast forward or skip through commericals on DVR. The base price includes 60+ channels including ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC. Hulu boasts a significant amount of on-demand content, as well as exclusive titles. Two simultaneous streams are allowed per account or for an additional fee, you can get unlimited device stream. Basic subscription plans begin at $5.99/month and go up to $60.99/month 

Hulu Streaming Service

YouTube TV

YouTube TV has been a fast rising star ever since launch and one of the more generally preferred subscription streaming services. The only sticking point for many tends to be the price, at $64.99/month. Many would argue though that the service is well worth the cost. YouTube TV offers more channels at the base price than any other service. It has the best DVR platform which includes unlimited storage and 9 months to watch recordings (most only offer 30 days). 

Amazon Prime Video

For the millions of Amazon Prime subscribers, this is a no-brainer, even if it's not your primary streaming service. Amazon Prime Video is free with an Amazon Prime subscription that offers high-quality original content in the form of TV shows and movies, as well as access to thousands of movies and TV shows. If you're not an Amazon Prime member, for $9/month, it is certainly worth the consideration for the vast collection of options. 


Both Netflix and Amazon can boast no ads which is something that most viewers look for these days, especially when they’re paying for a subscription. As the most well-known streaming service there is a lot that Netflix can offer including multiple concurrent streams, user profiles, and access to more original programming. While you're not getting traditional cable channels with a service like Netflix, the price point of $8.99/month is great if you're solely interested in older TV shows or movies or Netflix original content, or as a supplement to another streaming service being used for cable channels. It's worth noting that as the battle between streaming services heats up, we're seeing more and more content skipping theaters and coming direct to these streaming services and Netflix is a winner in this category.

Disney Plus

Disney Plus offers something that neither Netflix or Amazon can, and that is direct access to Disney shows and films. This streaming service budles Disney, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic. The iconic content make this a great option for families and just like Netflix and Amazon, can also considered as a great supplement to your streaming lineup, at about $6.99/month. 

Apple TV+

Apple TV+ is a newer option in the streaming service landscape, and while provides original content that cannot be viewed anywhere else, the options are limited. Of all the services we've reviewed, this is the cheapest at $4.99/month, but it's still too early to tell how much Apple TV+ will be able to grow to truly be competitive with the depth of content offered by competitiors. Apple allows subscribers to share their subscription with up to 5 other family members, and just like so many others, content is available to download and watch offline. Apple frequently runs specials within it's product lineup, such as a free subscription with the purchase of a new Apple device. So keep your eyes peeled for an offer like this and if the timing works out, it's certainly worth signing up and checking it out. 


Vudu is an online movie and TV streaming service owned by Walmart. It is an on-demand subscription-free video streaming service, you only pay for what you watch. Not having a monthly subscription charge is attractive to those who do not feel they would watch enough monthly to get their value out of it. Vudu offers a library of free content. Some titles remain free, and others are swapped each week. These TV shows and films are supported by short ads throughout. However, the quality is good and the ads are minimal. All paid streaming through Vudu is ad free. Vudu claims movies will be available the same day they are released on DVD.


HBO Max offers a large catalog of popular shows and movies from a variety of sources. In addition to HBO shows, there are new originals and tons of classic and popular movies from AT&T-owned brands, as well as cartoon and anime shows. Similarly to other services, there are parental controls, multiple profiles available and the option to download for offline viewing. At $14.99/month, HBO Max is pricier than most competitiors and it does not offer 4K content. 

CBS All-Access

If CBS shows are in your must-watch lineup, then CBS All-Access is a must-have. Here you will find live and on-demand access to all of your favorite CBS TV shows and movies. CBS All-Access offers a large inventory of CBS shows and live TV streaming, including news and NFL football. Monthly costs are either $5.99/month or $9.99/month, depending on the option you select. With both, you get two simultaneous streams, 720p max resolution, and playback options for on-demand content.

Cable TV Vs IPTV Streaming (Video On Demand Providers)

To choose a winner between streaming services would be tough as each has their own selection of HD content for various titles. Where you stream your content to will also have some impact on the picture quality, so it’s something to consider.

The Final Verdict

After weighing up all the latest and greatest streaming services it seems impossible to choose just one winner. Each home has different needs and priorities for their home entertainment so it’s up to you to decide.

With more streaming services emerging every day, this is certainly an area that will become more competitive so we hope to see more content, better quality, and lower prices in the future.